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Firstly a scientist, with an MA in biological sciences and an aspiration to be a Marine and Dolphin Conservationist. Secondly, a journalist, intending to change the world with a short of prose. Thirdly an academic, pouring out reams of research to collate into an LLM in International Trade Law. Fourthly, a crusader for world peace and harmony from an NGO based in Brussels. Fifthly, and finally, a solicitor-lawyer in the heart of London.

Corporate Blawg wants it all, both private and public sector corporate work, short hours and tall pay, a foot on both sides of the date-line, but most of all Corporate Blawg wants this blawg-effort to be of some use to someone somewhere else in the world to where he is.


Travel, photography, Batman comics. All things classic, legendary or wonderful, including my beautiful wife and my friends. Tomoto/mozarella/basil salad.