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29 August 2006



I'm impressed by your confidence that this Bill is likely to become law in April 2007. This legislation has been threatened for some time but has always been frustrated. Being cynical one fears it is less likely to become law the closer we get to a general election where party funding from corporations becomes a necessity.

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Thanks for your comment. I agree that it is a bit optimistic to hope for April 2007.

On the other hand, when the bill was introduced to the House on 20 July 2006 the House (particularly Mr Straw) seemed agreeably "glad", even relieved, that it would be up for debate on 10 October.

This isn't enough. It's chances of being legislation by Easter 2007 would be greatly improved if the Bill is adopted as a political cash cow by a "man of the people", especially a man of the people who needs to improve his image amongst the voting public, such as Mr Brown. Equally cynical, but slightly more socialist.

We can but hope.


I dont know about its delay, but im sure many were also disappointed.

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