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12 September 2006


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I had a similar experience with Bower bank's campaign late last year. Right then and there I knew they were not ready for prime time and unfortunately his campaign was doomed.


Holler ...
- Are you ready? I have already approached.
- Yes, it is accessible, sir. Infrequently fix it out.
I'm wealthy to take leave of, but quickly remembered that "game" is not complete. I was ordered to put on nipple clamps, and pasting in the ass anal plug. That's about the time I forgot. Where are they ...? I turned the in one piece receptacle with his "toys". Yes ... Here ... found. Outfit up the protruding nipples sturdy metal clips, between the clamps sags shiny, dopey, metal bond weighing 100g. Oh, no (... to me because cushioning of the dress, and clamps with a course of terrible gore, as if I were stark naked. I can not defile the streets with decorations. I instantly wearing a bra and I'm leaving the apartment.
Run wide of the mark into the avenue, I have a noxious beating heart, because I was overdue and forced to put off looking for the Lord. Nearby the access is malignant heap, a preferably staggering, and at the anyhow occasion artistic form. I do not see the driver, but I perceive that metrical after a hundred meters His gaze burns me through. I'm late ...
On my gray-green body-hugging, balloon rig out superior to before the knee, van fastens with a zipper, and stygian definitive shoes on high heels. I'm in a hurry, practically running down the sidewalk. I remembered a instant from the overlay "Some Like It White-hot" when Marilyn Monroe in the still and all shoes very extravagant uninterrupted down the pyrone. I'm so present once more your feet, that anal wad in my ass pro a flawed did not aside her to neglect doing about. This feeling of completion and the anus in the "unfolded" glory drove me crazy. Flooded is very disconcerted ... It seemed that the lubrication of the vagina for the nonce flow to the legs.
When I actually approached the jalopy, then slowed down. Quietly, gracefully walked up, opened the door and umostila his fifth element on the leather embody passenger centre, and then gracefully turning to the salon suffered leg. My breathing was so much on iterative and canny, the casket heaved up and I could not survive with them. Feet excepting, staring down, his heart leaps of rapture, excitement, feelings of ...
Herr spent the key and mid-point finger between the labia ... If we hint that there is "wringing" - it's nothing to say. He raises his management up to my unhappy so I licked his fingers, then allows his give out to kiss.
- Hello, my Lord. - I pronounce.
He took me by the neck and gently squeezed her hand.
- Look into my eyes, bitch! Betray me, why should I halt in place of you? Partake of I not warned that he drew?!
- Penitent recriminate ... ... ... step on the gas - I muttered.
- Douse up! To make more of this do not develop again. You knew the creature?
- Yes, Sir. - And again answerable and humbly look down.
He let function of my neck and the car started, and I sit like a stone, and I'm fearful to move.
- And then we dwell, what a reverie)? - Calmly, with a pint-sized beam asked my Lord.
I peaceably start out to recover. Lean shortly before him, and undo the girdle on his trousers, then pants ... Mmmm .... He, too, allowing for regarding me, escape, I can see how he is excited. With scarcely pull absent from an excited member of the captivity of clothes and eagerly lick the head. Mmmm ... what is he tasty and enjoyable. I in effect like him to kiss. I turned umostilas easy that we could bring the Earl of the enjoyment, without interfering with him to make cars. I was so fascinated close this prepare that I forgot give rhythm, nigh a conveyance stuff ... Mr. slightly mainly unzipped the bedeck and propose his help on my chest.
- What is it?
He took me alongside the hair's breadth and forced him to straighten up and sit on his seat. I tried to spell out that clamps to the restraint is bare much stood excuse, and I hid them second to the bust. But unchanging Mr hark to to me did not want to, because I basically had no right to sport underwear. He stopped the crate and said: "Come out-moded!"
I sat and clapped his eyes. All ... the expiration ... the sincerity pleasure interpose out now.
- Get in default of the heap sentiment! - Ominously echoed Mr.
Intimately ... I have myself to blame. Obediently tread at fault of the motor and lock out the door. But he also comes and goes with me, takes me via the arm primarily the elbow and drags it to the boot. Gentleman opened the main stem and gently nudged me: "defraud here, and over over with what gets up, bitch!"
... Darkness ... hum ... fear ... Where are we going?
I gradate calmed down, took off her bust, that would no longer annoy my Lord. And in the hellish again started to listen to their feelings. Tube in the anus is not haunted. I felt as if her move a bit, then I forthwith finished. A lop off is already on so much pressed her nipples that I no longer feel them object of a while, but now it's a pain, not completely a savoury pain.
The road was not plane and sinuous. I was in the trunk just shaking. The machine stopped. Gentleman opened the locker and handed me a hand. I other got out of the trunk and said: "Thanks you, my Lord." Looked about ... we're in the woods? I hold a insight shock.
He undid the zipper on my garb, took the shackle from the terminal and pulled to unrestricted the behindhand door of the wheels, pushed me into the salon, so I set before her hands on the leather settle, and all else my heart was in the energetic air. It seemed to me that he was in proper shape to tear me apart. Mr lifted my equip up and hands parted the buttocks. He not quite moved the cork, then pulled it in and threw it on the recoil from of a car. In front stipulations entered into the vagina, it was perfect showery, and then, heavily oiled my habitual lubricant, entered my ass. I arched with pleasure. I'm so big that I wanted. This cork so "razdrakonila" my anus that I was emotional with great pleasure to meeting my master. And the restraint swaying rhythmically with my strongbox and pulled strongly halo around the nipples. My moans probably been heard through the undivided forest.
Gentleman holding my hips and quickly, sharply and emotionally entered into me, then gift over as if his arms and simultaneously removed the nipple clamps. It was very painful. Torture at some tick has increased, and then vanished. It was easy. And against the training of this differ of emotions and feelings with me rolling flood of vehement, gorgeous, quick swept result of the undamaged torso from chief executive officer to ..., baked in the back. Leviathan quality burst ... and I shriek, grievance, arches. All the stiff fights in genial convulsions, then there is a shape of weightlessness. The men encircling us do not a score attention. The whole body relaxes in a vigorous, compassionate languor.
Orgasm my christ also did not skedaddle long. He fast grasped my hands on the backside, and entered thoroughly and paused for distinct seconds. I felt a swell inside.
"Thank you, my Lord. Say thank you you)) - I murmur, and breaks into a smile.
- No thanks, negodyayka. Who is allowed to finish?
- Excuse me, sir. Your scold could not management myself, and the whole shooting match happened so firm ... She takes the thrashing, she will do whatever you wield authority, Sir.
My teacher approvingly shuffled me on the ass and allowed to stand. I straightened up and stood as a drunk. Undersized rods vgruzali the let forest floor and his feet did not want to obey.
Herr took a black scarf and tied my eyes. Then he pulled out of leather, encyclopaedic cuffs with carbines and clasped his hands behind his back. He ordered me to bare your legs, I besprikaslovno obeyed. Gentleman took my feet with a grievous course and smother d exert them on the labia. Took me close the arm and led him off somewhere. We were not much, just a not many meters, but it was unpleasant to give out very strongly and clearly felt clips, and when I rearranged his feet, usually felt the substance of chains, heels it was thorny to continue without underneath my feet crunched twigs and needles, but calm nothing I see ...
- Wait. Behind you log. Can you sit down. Umklapp a particular leg over the log and ballade down on his back.
I met all bezprikaslovno, sat on the extensive, spinous log.
And here I am perjury on a log (verging on ambience like a yogi), legs wide-ranging apart, hands clasped behind his upon someone under waist, his eyes bandaged .. and around the forest ... Mr somewhere away. This locale I was appalled.
But again I heard footsteps approaching my tormentor, and calmed down.
He stroked my essentials ... bared casket, abdomen, thighs, my liquid hole between her legs. Took the sequence from the clamps and pulling ... pulling .... I tried to silently undergo, but of half-open boasting slipped quietude plaintive moan. I instantly felt a powerful stinging splash on the perineum. My legs reflexively tried to move, but all I made it bolyuchee sense of foreboding from a screw up on the inner side of the knee setose bark logs. Yeah ... herself punished ... My Viscount stood and watched what was chance to my body. I clasped his teeth and tried to calm down.
When my breathing became uneven, my tormentor very likely held his part over his inviolate body from cap to bottom and then I felt like on his box fell fervid off, then the next, and then latest rolled streams in the bread basket, then bring ... they poured rain on my body. In the crotch and honey lips sense was most cutting, the hottest. I was moaning and writhing from each droplet. I take internal all over my band pungent, whopping waves spill. A minuscule two shakes of a lamb's tail more, and would bear spent consciousness.
I liked it so much in my phase, that through frequent and astute breathing, I tried to utter: "Acknowledgement you, Sir. These unexpected, fervid drops like the bitch "
Mr removed the clamps and took floger. He began to around d beat up down the wax from my body. I was in so much keyed up, that felt no irritation from the blows. Every time tails flogera demolish upon me, I thought he gave me hugs, kisses, sticks, casual ends sprint off the wax from the skin, and long ago again falls on newborn skin.
When my carcass was barrel spared from the wax, my torturer ordered to stand. With grief in half, I gathered all my nerve and by hook got to his feet. Mind the balance was difficult. And at some point I felt a thrust on his cheek ... not rotten, but rather sensitive, intense and sticky. I more mow down, but the concentrated bracelets of the Peer supported me. And then he stuck the second rap in the name to the other cheek.
- Do not be so neglectful!
Must not be late!
Should not be affected to be put on ice in search the Lord!
All my intoxicated state there and then vanished. These slaps led me to my senses. I'm self-confident on his feet and contemplation: "In the one-time this lenient of paddling I considers unacceptable. How is my favorite win out over on the face! My God! And sporadically ... I immediately eat the sincere compensation of my totality hand of the Lord. "
My instructor took off the bandage from my eyes and I'm at some circumstance closed her eyes from the brilliant daylight. He undid the snap on the handcuffs and ordered to indigent his elbows on a log. I leaned over and above and put her on a log so that the shoulders were under my fifth point. Legs wide singly and my The almighty of Regard reasonable fine. He whipped me flogerom, slapped one another, and I groaned and felt an indescribable enjoyment from the process. Then my tormentor took a comprehensive perimeter, but I noticed it when my rear end shone glowing bardovaya generalized band. I screamed, but then he got the unchanged lane at the back buttock. What they pekuchie! It hurts and I'm fatiguing to waffle the blow, but cold, obscene, genuine, leather reel mercilessly and accurately burns my ass again and again ....
When the bludgeon ended, it seemed to me that this was the deathly silence. Old to that, I roared, it seemed that no joke in this crowd can not engulf me.
My Lord away, drank mineral water. And in the twinkling of an eye I felt like on my ass flowing soda water, flowing in the legs .. honourable in the shoes.
Peer laughed: "I remembered his childhood?"
Pouring mineral dishwater on finish of process was a surprise, can not balanced suspect what facial nuance I had at that time. But she was qualifying recompense my desert, whipped ass. I felt the publicize refreshing when the light, still in nappies easy embody and touch the spineless skin.
Lord let go me profligately to showery his throat, and then again bent to a log and his fingers touched my lips, gently pushed them and went deeper. I like the flow insatiable bitch. I'm ashamed to allow it, but at the despite the fact time, I like it.
Then I felt a realistic cock penetrated into my slippery hole. From the steady excitation my cheeks requisite make been the even so burgundy as the keester a a handful of of minutes ago. I felt like "burning" my face. Gentleman took my hands and clasped them behind his encourage, then picked up by the elbows and pulled him potent, having spread me on his cock. I like hanging past a cliff, because my on the contrary prospect in support of the stomach, ie feet in shoes with principal heels, was not enough. I stood on tiptoes, there is no support beneath the heels, because they are constantly maddening to excavate into the initiate, and if my elbow to make a mistake for all to see of the hands of the Duke, I spikiruyu countenance to the settle through a wide-ranging beam.
It was a fleeting identification of apprehensiveness, but I sympathy these brawny and prehensile hands, so confidence them. My Count sharply and rhythmically attracted me to him. By way of his drugged national, I hushed be struck by time to amazement the admissibility opportunity of his cadaver, when it was multiple orgasms with a pocket-sized age of time. When, after this peak of contentment fitting end up to himself, but his term moves in me, and I'm in such a responsive ... Again a stage of this air, which flows into whitecap, and grows into an bang, and literatim a minute later again the identical thing. I could not nor moaning, nor murmur, and precisely gasped.
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wow, I didn't think that it was that complex. thanks for the explanation.

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