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22 January 2007


Nearly Legal

I'm looking at 1. and assuming your role in charity fundraising has been brief and ended rather rapidly.

Corporate Blawg

Corporate Blawg spent 6 months of post-qualification gap year to set up an independent international NGO for the distribution, marketting and removal of liability for international pro bono opportunities.

Corporate Blawg met many interesting people, but money and mouths just did not link up. The project was part of the late wave of enthusiasm in 2004 that was crushed by the Tsunami, misplaced by Live Aid, lost by G8 and swept under the carpet by Making Poverty History.

Nevertheless, Corporate Blawg has vowed that if he ever becomes a Corporate Partner, the NGO will be resurrected with Corporate Blawg completely at the helm, investing the £60k p.a. that it requires to function, for a minimum of 3 consecutive years.

Corporate Blawg has believes in his dreams and so his dreams will come true, even if he has to pay for them himself.

And finally, Corporate Blawg was recently contacted by a friend he had made (when researching international trade asw a means to reduce poverty in sub-saharan Africa) at the Ministery of Economics in Zambia. Anyone interested in visiting Zambia to provide pro bono advice to the country, or has an idea for a pro bono project that could benefit the people of Zambia should email Corporate Blawg for further information.

Nearly Legal

While this is laudable, deeply impressive and wholly to be encouraged, I was merely making a weak joke on the debatable spelling of donor/doner. Any prodding of nerve-endings was entirely inadvertent and all liability disclaimed

Corporate Blawg

Ah yes. Got slightly carried away there.

Been itching to scream that little rant from the rooftops.

Feel much better now though.

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