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12 April 2007


Nearly Legal

Why thank you for your delight and, I think, your wishes, although I'm not quite sure how to take the significance of the link, you allusive pimpernel you.

I'm working on the comedy case name search, honest...

Corporate Blawg

The link is a reference to my chum who has the habit of linking prefixes together to emphasize his point. Needless to say, this pal works in marketting strategy.

Corporate Blawg is very happy for you, and looks forward to toasting your success at the LawBlog conference.



Charon QC

CBUK...Thank you for your excellent comment on my Friday 13th post... it made my day.

Did your 'informant' express a view / preference for smooth or crunchy peanut butter...?

I only ask...because if I am to take up irachibutyphillia... I would like to do it properly.

Given the lamentable performance of England at rugby, cricket, football
in recent months - Lord Sir Sebastian Coe could be persuaded to consider irachibutyphillia for inclusion in the London 2012 Olympics?





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