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01 May 2007



I am currently running two blogs, one being sqmlaw.com and the other being a completely personal 'friends and family' type affair. I find it relatively straightforward running the two, but I don't post incessantly...just decided how much separation you want between the two!


I certainly devote more time and attention to one of my blogs than the other. I am seriously considering the closure of legalscribbles.com, as I simply don't have the time (or, perhaps, inclination) to post regularly outside of my research specialism.

That said, what will your second blog's raison d'etre? You more or less write about what you like here (and very enjoyable it is too)...

Corporate Blawg

Thanks Martin, and sqmlaw. Nothing like a bit of encouragement to make one want to keep it alive.

But perhaps there is perhaps a third way (in green)...


Not easy. I'm finding I don't have much spare time anyway, and I prefer to spend time working on a post rather than just knocking something out, as it is more satisfying and usually better written. That has lapsed a bit of late, I have to say. I'm about to go away for a long weekend and hope to get a bit of writing done for both blogs while away, but on the other hand would rather find I don't have time when I get there!

The two that I have are both quite specialist, but I do enjoy writing both, when I can. They are very different in nature, which helps quite a bit. I've been surprised at the audience that Pupilblog found, but the other blog is also sort of taking off, but mainly through search engine hits at the moment.

Conclusion: more work, efforts are a bit more diffuse, so neither blog is as good as it would otherwise be, but there are advantages in spreading yourself more thinly, in that one can cover more ground. However, I rather like your current Jekyll and Hyde approach, which is innovative and quite good fun too. You might have the best of all worlds there.

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